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Our Story

Whilst Fine Art Printing itself was established in 2022 our journey in providing high quality giclee printing started in 2019 and came about from our original business producing high quality custom frames.

When we started in the framing business we received many requests to print and frame as a combination. Not wanting to miss out on the business we would often travel to other printers. This was inefficient and unprofitable whilst we felt that the print results were hit and miss.

We made the decision to purchase our very own large format printer from Canon and learn the requirements to produce consistently good prints. Our passion for printing has helped us become one of the leading print houses in Singapore. In 2024 we were honoured to become the first and only Hahnemuhle Certified Gold Studio in Singapore, outlining our ability to consistently produce good quality prints on their media.

As we look forward to the remainder of 2024 we will shortly be opening a larger space and introducing a new 60″ large format printer to enable us to go even bigger.

What can you expect from us?

We are always trying to improve our business and provide a better service to our customers, but we really feel our differentiators can be summarised in 3 key areas.

High quality prints

Our focus is quality over volume. We are the only vendor in Singapore consistently stocking and printing on the highest quality paper and canvas media from Hahnemuhle. You won't find better media available to print on.

We are the only Hahnemuhle Certified Gold Studio in Singapore. This certification requires us to prove our knowledge and skills in consistently producing excellent print results on Hahnemuhle media.

We also don't just blindly print what you send us, we review all files and will make suggestions and implement changes to improve the final outcome of your prints [with your permission of course].

The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Excellent customer service

This is a family owned and operated business. As consumers ourselves we appreciate the difference that good customer service makes in the overall experience of dealing with a company.

We go above and beyond to try and ensure that our service levels meet and exceed our customers expectations. Whether its taking the time to really explain things, making recommendations, or just trying to help you solve a challenging situation, we will always try our best to help.

Good service


Nothing great in this world has ever been achieved without a bit of passion involved, and whilst we may not change the world printing, we certainly believe that our passion is a core ingredient to our success.

We are passionate about what we do and this is what drives our choice of materials, machinery, and our desire to provide a high quality service to our customers.

Passion for what we do
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