Image Size and Resolution Tool

Our free tool will let you easily identify the size and resolution of your current image.
It will also let you adjust the size to see the impact on the images PPI [pixels per inch]

How to use our image analyzer tool

Drag and drop or click to upload your image file here.

Please use JPG/JPEG or PNG files only, up to 100MB.

What to consider when looking at the PPI

In general there are techniques and software available that can potentially help to enlarge and enhance your original image to produce a higher PPI. This can enable you to print at sizes you maybe didn’t think was possible. Read our guide on how large you can print for more information or simply get in touch for assistance.

PPI - Pixels Per Inch Outcome
300+ This would be defined as a high resolution image that is great for printing.
150 In most cases this resolution will meet the expectations that most people have.
100 Possible to print with reasonable results but it might be best to let us take a look and see if we can enhance your original image further.
<100 There is likely to be some pixelation, softness and general blur. It may still be acceptable to you, but it might be best to let us take a closer look for you.
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