Art Restoration Services

We provide professional art restoration, cleaning, and conservation services for fine art and sculptures in Singapore.

Please check our scanning and restoration page for details on photography restoration.

Our restoration services

We are experienced in providing art restoration services to private individuals, companies, and government bodies in Singapore.

We work across various types medium including sculptures and leverage professional art restorers and techniques.

To get a better idea of what can be done please get in touch so we can assess your needs and provide a no obligation quote.

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Common restoration services

Damage or tears to the artwork
Cracked or flaking paint
Staining or discolouration of the paintwork.
Water and moisture damage.
Loose and rippled canvas.
Yellowing and mould spots on paper works
Insect damage
Damage caused from exposure to outside elements such as sunshine, rain and human traffic.

Frequently asked questions

How much does art restoration cost?

Unfortunately this isn’t possible to answer without seeing your artwork, its medium, and the condition. Please get in touch with us including some images of your artwork to get some suggestions and a sense of potential cost. We are certainly competitive price wise within the market.

What type of artworks can you restore?

We are able to restore all kinds of artworks and damage types. This includes paintings, photographs, and sculptures [indoor & outdoor]. Please get in touch with some images of the artwork and we’ll be able to advise you better.

My work is not valuable, is it worth restoring?

Generally speaking restoration work requires skilled labour and can be quite time intensive depending on the condition of your work. It is not a cheap undertaking. It is better suited to more valuable artworks or items that perhaps have high sentimental value.

You can always get in touch with us and send some images so we can assess the situation and provide some options and pricing for you to consider.

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