Professional Art Valuation Services

We provide art valuation and appraisal services in Singapore to private individuals, companies, and government bodies. Submit online or get in touch to get a valuation quote.

Our art valuation services

We have experience handling art valuation for private collectors, companies, and government bodies. This ranges from single artworks to collections of over 500 individual works. In addition to art valuation services we regularly provide condition assessments and art restoration services.
Providing accurate artwork valuations comes from decades of experience in the art market that has seen us value thousands of unique works. We also have access to a number of private auction databases. Due to our time and cost, we are unable to provide free appraisals.

Online submission

This option is relevant if you:
Have 6 or less artworks to value.
Are able to submit and pay online.
Able to provide good quality images.
Don't need us to visit your location to review the works.
Pricing is set at $60 per artwork.
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Site visit

This option is relevant if you:
Have more than 6 artworks requiring valuation.
Require a site visit to assess the works.
Require us to follow some internal procurement process.
Need a consolidated report to be created at the end.
Pricing starts from $100 per artwork.
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Frequently asked questions

How do you value artwork?

The value of a piece of art is largely based upon the artist [who they are], the size of the work, the medium of the work [i.e., oil on canvas], the year of creation, and any provenance.

We aim to identify these elements as part of the valuation process. Making an assessment is then based upon experience/knowledge of the art market, and access to external auction databases.

In many cases the artist may not be well known or have any auction record to work from. We will do our best to provide a fair and accurate assessment.

How long does it take?

For small submissions of 1-2 works we can typically respond within 2-3 working days depending on the quality of the information and images provided.

For larger valuation jobs it will depend on many variables such as how many works, whether those works are in singular or multiple locations, and the ease/convenience in which you are able to allow us to access those locations.

I'm not sure my work is worth anything, should I still submit?

Many artworks may just be defined as decorative. This means that whilst they may have personal or sentimental value, it would be difficult to really assess the value.

If you aren’t sure about the artist and the artwork value, you can consider still submitting in order to find out. We aren’t able to review for free.

Can you issue a certificate of authenticity?

No, unfortunately we can’t provide a certificate of authenticity. This should be provided to you via the gallery or individual who sold the work to you.

What we do provide is an artwork valuation certificate which is valid for art insurance, shipping, mark to market, debt recovery etc.

In cases where we are able to do a site visit and view the works in person we may be able to provide verbal confirmation on the authenticity of the work. We can also provide introductions to leading auction houses such as Christies who may be willing to review and further authenticate the work if you are looking to sell it via auction.

Can you check my artwork for free?

Sorry, we are unable to check any artworks for free.

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