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We are delighted to announce that Fine Art Printing has become the first printer in Singapore to achieve certification from Hahnemühle as a Certified Gold Studio.

You can check our certification via the Hahnemuhle website.

What does this mean?

To become a Hahnemühle certified studio requires us to meet a set of strict criteria. Among the many factors involved in certification we are checked on our ability to advise on the strengths and variety of the Hahnemühle FineArt portfolio and that we have implemented a complete colour management system within our printing workflow.

In effect, Hahnemühle are certifying that our knowledge, experience, and abilities will guarantee first rate, consistent printing on their media.

In addition to the above we must also satisfy certain requirements in terms of the volume of Hahnemühle FineArt media that we print on each year. The fact that we can meet these volume requirements in a relatively small market such as Singapore is testament to the confidence and support of our customers to print with us time and time again.

Thank you to our many wonderful customers who have printed with us and supported us in the journey of becoming a Hahnemühle Certified Studio, and thank you to Hahnemühle for their time in working through this process with us.

Who are Hahnemühle?

Hahnemühle is the market leader in the production of fine art papers. Based in Germany they were founded in 1584.

Clearly a lot has changed since then but Hahnemühle have remained at the forefront of paper production and moved with the times as new opportunities and threats have arisen. In recent years for example they have placed considerable focus on sustainability, developing new fine art papers using materials such as Bamboo, Hemp, Agave, and Sugarcane.

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