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We are delighted to announce that after a rigorous review we have acquired a brand new Canon Pro-566 printer to further extend our printing capabilities in Singapore. We are the very first customer in Singapore to purchase the new, top of the line large format printer from Canon.

Whilst this printer brings plenty of benefits to us the primary benefits to our customers are:

  • The Pro-566 enables us to print using up to 60″ rolls. Previously we have been limited to 44″. This is particularly useful for canvas prints where many customers print at much larger sizes compared to paper prints.
  • Canon have also completely redesigned their inks for the Pro-566. In our existing Pro-541 the inks can last up to 100+ years, but the new inks for the Pro-566 provide double lifespan, up to 200 years. This may be beyond the realms of necessity, but it remains an impressive feat all the same.
  • Lastly, the new inks also provide better overall print quality, and higher light and scratch resistance. In our testing against the older Pro-541 and competing Epson machines we found the Pro-566 produced excellent results.

If you’re looking for large canvas or paper prints using the latest technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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