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Sprucing up your walls or adding a wonderful sculpture to your home or office doesn’t necessarily have to come at a hefty price. In this article we have selected and showcased some ideas that fit various price points.

Fine Art Printing

We love unique artworks but sometimes there is factors involved that make purchasing such a work inappropriate for your requirements.

  • You might just not be interested enough to spend serious money on an original artwork. Its OK if your more into gaming for example than art.
  • You may be running on a budget that doesn’t stretch.
  • You might just want something decorative to jazz up your space and a print does the job just as well.
  • You might be concerned about your environment and protecting an original artwork within it.

If one or more of these factors resonate with you then perhaps you can consider framing a print or putting up a stretched canvas instead?

Many of our customers come to us either with pre-purchased digital image files, photographs of their family, or a general idea of the type of picture they want. We can then help to bring these files to life either in a traditional frame or as a stretched canvas. This can be a really affordable way to spruce up your walls with images and artwork reproductions that perfectly match your requirements without breaking the bank.

In both of these examples below you can see an example of a digital image file created as a framed print and stretched canvas.

Framed print

The Open Window by Henri Matisse

Stretched canvas

Image of a Zebra on a stretched canvas

Asian Art Platform

If you are on the lookout for original art then we’d highly recommend checking out the works available from Asian Art Platform. Established back in 2015 they have a long track record of identifying and showcasing some of the most talented emerging Chinese artists around. They have some wonderful artworks both paintings and sculptures that would beautify any home or office in Singapore.

Whilst prices are obviously higher than printing you are buying original artworks that can grow in value over time. It certainly adds that little extra to your home or office.

One of our particular favourites is Chinese female artist Jiang Zhaojin who produces beautitful Shan shui inspired artworks using a mixture of paint and recycled demin.

Artwork by Jiang Zhaojin

Another great option is to commission a painting. If you have some ideas and reference images to work from then Asian Art Platform can create an original painting for you via a stable or artists who specialise in such work. This can be a great way to have an original painting that matches your exact brief. A particularly popular route for those seeking artworks for Feng Shui reasons.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Affordable Art Fair takes place in Singapore every November and brings together a collection of some 80+ galleries from around the world. Entering its 17th edition in 2024 its an incredibly well run and attended event and provides you with a fantastic range of artworks to choose from. If you are looking for limited prints or unique artworks then this is an excellent option to view a wide range of options and price points before making your purchase decision.

Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Affordable Art Fair Singapore

Etsy, iStock, Unsplash and more

There is so many talented creators and photographers out there and many of them upload works for sale on sites such as Etsy, iStock and Shutterstock. There is also Unsplash which provides a huge range of professional grade photographs, often for free. Lastly you can also check out our own artist platform which contains works from digital creators and photographers.

We have worked with countless customers who are decorating their walls either for a home or office setting and wish to leverage images available from such sources.

If we take Etsy as an example you can purchase a print ready digital download file from as little as $5. You can then provide these files to us for printing and either professionally frame or just pop into a standard sized IKEA frame.

A 70 x 50cm IKEA frame costs around $25 whilst printing on a high quality archival paper will cost around $50 – $65. This would help you spruce up that empty wall space for less than $100.

In this situation we’d always like to remind you that the print is going to outlast the frame, but if your requirement is simply to temporarily spruce up your home then this is perhaps the best option available.

Framed print from Etsy

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